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Debunking These Social Media Management Misconceptions

The overabundance of information in social media has created a fog of uncertainty about what is real, fake, or no longer true. With social media evolving at such incredible rates, it is quite easy to be misled? To clear the air, we’re here to debunk these popular misconceptions about social media management.

Misconception #1: “Social Media Does Not Drive Leads.”

Regardless of how the environment has changed, the misconception that social media does not drive results persists. Time and again, we’ve seen businesses that utilise Twitter as a marketing tool and generate twice as many leads as those that do not. Businesses with over 1,000 Twitter followers generate six times the traffic of their competitors. 

These numbers demonstrate how important it is for customers to be able to engage with companies via social media. 

Misconception #2: “Everything Is Free With Social Media.”

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are still important. However, social media marketing still necessitates a financial commitment. Posting an advertisement message to all of your page fans and followers nowadays requires a small fee that guarantees to reach both your niche and broad-target audiences.

On average, non-promoted material you publish on Facebook reaches only 16% of your audience. While social media advertising is not cheap, it does provide you with access to an audience that is likely to respond to your brand. Not only are social advertisements one of the most precise types of advertising accessible, but they are also considerably less expensive than most forms of advertising, such as print or television commercials.

Misconception #3: “You Have To Set Up A Profile In Each Platform.”

Although it may be enticing, not all social media sites are appropriate for your brand or business. You must concentrate on platforms that produce the best outcomes for the product or service you are advertising. If your industry thinks Twitter is the greatest match for your sort of business, don’t go too far away from it. Money is measured in terms of time. Trying to focus on too many different platforms can only spread you thin.

Misconception #4: “I Only Need Potential Customers.”

It’s all about the social media algorithm these days, so try not to get caught up in just trying to recruit new clients. Even if a follower is not in your target demographic, you will have access to his followers. If he engages with you, his followers will see it, boosting your social visibility. 

By association, if the follower is an influencer, your influence grows. If he retweets your article, your SEO will improve, and he may even refer new consumers. It might be discouraging when some of your new fans and followers are unwilling to become customers, but each one has worth.

Misconception #5: “I Don’t Need Likes On My Posts From Other People.”

Working to create a larger following base is important, even though it might be tough. It is great to have a diverse range of individuals connecting with your content, even those who are not part of your own social network circle. Support from friends and family on Facebook can help you get noticed, but only to a degree. 

In tapping your own network to support your business, you must also tap their network. Paid social advertisements, such as Facebook and Twitter sponsored posts, are excellent methods to reach out to new prospective consumers outside of your network.


Navigating your way through social media algorithms can be a daunting task. And with social media changing on a daily basis, it can take time to figure out which methods may work best for your business. But in debunking these misconceptions, you can create better and more effective strategies.

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