Marketing Automation

How to implement marketing automation

The versatility of social and digital media marketing is a boon and bane to businesses. On the one hand, businesses stand to gain from the reach as well as precision it facilitates; on the other, it’s time-consuming. However, marketing automation mitigates this problem. But before you implement it, read the checklist below.

1. Set your goals

Unless you’ve clearly defined the goals, it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of functions and features that come with it. For example, the overarching strategy may be to improve communication with customers. As such, ensuring that database management, as well as email marketing function, are the strengths of the platform you’re considering is critical.

2. Select the right suite of functions and features

Most marketing automation platforms offer a wide variety of functions and features. They can meet the needs of big and small companies. Without clearly defined goals, selecting the right suite may be an exercise gone wrong. Choose the right package and graduate to the next level according to the needs of the business.

3. Get organised to implement

Like all technology, your marketing automation software needs to be worked on. It just doesn’t run by itself. You’ll need people with training or experience in it. For a start, it might be worthwhile to consider securing external help to get the ball rolling. But above all, it’s ensuring you and your team have the right mindset to adopt the change in the way you manage the business’ marketing activities.

4. Keep it small and simple

This may sound somewhat unambitious. After all, especially if you’re a small business, you’ve probably spent a ‘fortune’ trying to automate your marketing activities. However, trying to do it all at once may be overwhelming. For example, racing to build analytics as a staple in your business’ marketing activities may not be advisable. It takes a lot more than just having a platform to make analytics work for you. Perhaps start with organising your customer database first and build it up from there is a better start.

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