How to make a website

Do you need to create a personal or professional website but aren’t sure what steps you need to take to complete one? Follow the step-by-step guide below to make the process easier!

Step 1: Create a domain name

This is the name of your website (usually named after you or your business). Once you have decided on a name, search it through Google to see if it is available for use or already in use (most of the time this means you cannot use it). Then register the available name through an accredited registrar (they will also check to see if it is available). There are plenty of accredited registrars available online, including web hosts and drag and drop website builders (explained further down). Your domain name can cost anywhere from $15 to $100 annually. To create a professional method of communication, link your domain name with an email address as well.

Step 2: Create the content

Whether your website is for personal or professional needs, it will need content. Anything on your website can fall under the term ‘content’, like blog posts, business logos, banners, or the About Me/Us section. Depending on the circumstance, you might wish to pay an editor to proofread the blog posts you write or you might want to hire a graphic designer for a professional logo.

Step 3: Build your website

The easiest way to create a website is to find a ‘drag and drop’ website building company that allows you to use templates instead of code. These companies allow you to choose a ‘theme’ that displays the way the site will be set out. To the theme, you can use a drag and drop method, whereby you click on the element you want (a box for writing, an image, a banner, etc.) and drag it to the place you would like it on the page. Drag and drop websites cost between $70 to $500 annually. Alternatively, a professional can build the website for you.

Building a website can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. These three simple steps should help you create the website you need.

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