Learning from your inactive email customers

A friend shared his experiences as a customer of the Netflix to explain that marketers will not only need to learn from your active customer in your email channel but also inactive customers as well.

With the increasing trend of email marketing, many companies use email as their main channel to connect with their customers. When their customers are not engaging in the email channel, many marketers either keeping spamming or flag those customers as inactive and exclude them from segmentation of future campaigns. But as a marketer, have you ever done any further insight analysis on why this is?

You may ask why do we need this? In reality, when your customers are no longer engaging in your email channel, does it really mean your customers are no longer engaging with your brand? The answer is definitely “NO” in today’s marketing world!

Simple enough, maybe you as a business do not have your customer’s active email address in your database or your customers are just not actively engaging the email channel.

Here it is a good example, for Chinese customers, they actively use Wechat. Wechat contained billions of users with dominant user base and popularity in China. Because of its popularity, the Chinese primarily use it as their main source of communication with other people. From this, there really is no point in sending someone an email, only to wait for a reply that could take minutes to several hours. This means that from the customer’s behaviour perspective, Chinese in general are unlikely to use email and check it on a regular basis because Wechat is a faster and more convenient channel to use.

In summary, as a marketer, when your customers stop engaging in your email channel, it is not the end of the world and you should NOT stop market because of this. Try to use a multi-channel approach, using other channels as a way to reconnect with your customers. SMS, social media, you name it! From this approach, you may see some surprises on close deal dollars inside your revenue report.

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