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4 Reasons Your Small Business Should Implement SEM Campaigns

While big businesses are more than happy to try new marketing strategies, it is understandable why small businesses might hesitate. Smaller organisations are pretty constrained in terms of finances, and new marketing strategies are not exactly the cheapest to implement, especially when they do not guarantee success. Many small businesses tend to focus on other methods, like social media marketing, SEO, and the like, investing in only a few marketing channels to maximise their budget.

That being said, if you own or manage a small business, trying out new strategies is the only way to figure out if something works. To help you out, we will tell you why you should implement SEM (search engine marketing) into your marketing strategy.

1. It is affordable

SEM is an incredibly affordable strategy because every on-site action you do with SEM has some form of measurable indicator or metric. As such, you can pay close attention to the campaign, seeing what works and what does not. 

This can allow you to optimise your budget to ensure you make the most of your investment. Speaking of investments—there is no minimum investment here. You can use SEM on essentially any budget.

2. It can facilitate remarketing

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a highly effective strategy that targets users that have visited your website and left—whether or not they completed an action. This can motivate them to come back to take another or the same action, such as subscribing to your service or purchasing a product. 

This strategy is so effective because the individual has an opinion and interest in you. If that experience is positive, that reminder may lure them back.

3. It can boost your online presence

With SEM, you utilise keywords related to what you are doing. When people query with the same keywords, you show up on their search engine results. This is incredibly helpful, especially if you have not established a solid online presence. 

SEM campaigns can be built to help improve your brand visibility and increase your audience’s awareness of your existence. In fact, it can even outdo SEO, which only shows results after a few months or years.

4. It acts as a market analysis study

When carefully planned, you can use SEM as a way to conduct market analysis and figure out what products or services your audience is interested in. You can determine if your offerings are relevant or not. 

This can help save a lot of time on stand-alone research, and although that is still important, the benefit of such mini-studies through SEM can help you gain a little more insight into what you should offer.


All in all, SEM campaigns offer the versatility and multi-functionality small businesses need to maximise their budget. Plus, it is incredibly affordable, meaning that no matter how small your business and budget, you can set up SEM campaigns to grow your online presence. 

That being said, if you want to start implementing SEM campaigns, reach out to professional digital marketing agencies to help you out. They will ensure that whatever strategy you have in mind is adequately implemented to bring the results you are looking for.

DigiTech Australia is an integrated digital marketing agency offering SEO, SEM, social media management, and more. Work with us today and get started with your SEM campaigns!

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