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Marketing Automation What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation involves delegating tasks that were previously done manually to dedicated software. Many aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) work can be completed faster and better if done automatically. DigiTech can put in place the necessary software to automate some, or all, aspects of:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Cross-sell/up-sell
  • Chasing abandoned baskets or leads that fail to convert
  • Sending emails
  • Creating social media updates
  • Collecting data
  • Various other tasks, as required.

Marketing automation How can Marketing Automation transform Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Marketing Automation brings the following benefits (and more) to the marketing and audience engagement process:

  • Automated task completion is much faster than manual completion. Once the parameters for an automated task have been set up, the software can process thousands of different transactions. From orders through to inventory management, setting up price alerts, segmentation and more, marketing automation can take care of a wide range of tasks. This significantly reduces the amount of resource required for e-commerce management, customer management and the delivery of a pre-determined sales pathway.
  • Automation works systematically, according to pre-defined cues. This ensures every customer gets the same, optimal service.
  • Scalability: Marketing Automation can cope with exponential increases in an audience with minimal additional effort. Every customer still receives the same great service.

marketing automation The facts

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group showed that:

  • Nearly 90% of successful firms used marketing automation.
  • On average, marketing revenue increases by nearly 15% when automation is employed.
  • High-grade marketers are 2/3 more likely to use marketing automation in comparison with less successful rivals.

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