Customer Experience Automation is here

What is Customer Experience Automation?

Customer Experience Automation (CXA) is the ability for automation to customize itself to every individual customer—so you can get better results from the same amount of work. When you create next-gen automation, you create a single simple flow. Machine learning and other powerfully dynamic features turn that flow into hundreds of unique experiences–created fresh for every person. The automation accomplishes this in a few ways:

  • Timing: Create unique pauses and send times, so that every message arrives at the perfect moment.
    • Predictive Sending: provide automation that helps you give every single customer a truly unique experience.
      • Send automation emails at the most impactful time for each individual
      • Truly optimized send times at the contact level vs. account level
  • Routing: Send people through the unique sequence that makes sense for them.
  • Content: Customize every message for each person who sees it.


Personalized experiences for your customers. By analyzing each contact’s attributes, metadata, engagements, conversions, and more, automations are enhanced with another level of intelligence to determine personalized experiences for each individual.

Your automations get smarter over time. The intelligent automations learn based on the available data about your customers so you can personalize customer experiences at scale. The goal is to help you get better results from your marketing from the same amount of work.

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