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What You Should Know About the June 2021 Google Core Update

Several months into the year, there is finally a confirmed start for Google’s Core Updates. The update has multiple effects, and it looks like we’re well on the road to updates throughout the summer. It has generated a lot of buzz and has been something every SEM agency has been waiting for. Read on to learn more about it.

Google Core Updates

Simply put, when updates are made to Google’s core, this means their ranking algorithm is undergoing in-depth changes. As this is where search result creation stems from, every SEO agency also has a stake in it as well. Minor updates are made daily, but business sectors and the entirety of SERPs (search result pages) are impacted in a major way by core updates.

Prior to this, Google officially confirmed a Core Update back in December 2020. That was half a year (six months) ago! The current Core Update should not have taken as long as it did, but it was finally announced June 2, 2021.

Summer Google Updates

The intended updates for the summer period of 2021 are:

  • Core Update for June: This has already started rolling out, ever since the 3rd of June. Google SERPs are already showing results. It is a core update that is classified as “Classic.”
  • Core Update for July: There are no details for this just yet, which will essentially be part two of the June update’s rollout. Major shifts are reportedly on the horizon.
  • Page Experience Update: This update was announced in 2020, wherein factors involving user experience have become part of the considerations. It is in relation to the Core Web Vital values.

June 2021 Core Update

Prior to this latest Core Update, the Google search results have seen a lot of movement recently. It is crucial to differentiate those changes from the Core Update. That way, cause and effect can be assessed properly. Visibility changes over the past few weeks have characteristics largely similar to changes as seen through a trio of domains., and all have the ability to work in an environment that is comparably competent. The content of these domains aren’t unique, either; they’re competitors. There’s a similarity to the ‘heartbeat’ of the visibility curves of these domains. Visibility was lost and regained on the same date.

Another sector, the travel industry, has also begun showing similar effects. When you take,, and into account, there are obvious parallels in visibility development. Keep in mind that SEO success is what the Visibility Index measures things by more than demand fluctuations.

Core Updates used to have notably hefty impacts on projects related to the medical and financial fields. With this latest core update, that seems to no longer be the case at hand.


The latest iteration of Google’s Core Updates is finally here, six months into the year. The ranking changes are quite different from previous ones, with the health sector barely getting affected. It appears that the focus of Google is shifting with it.

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