Will marketing be automated?

Will marketing be automated?

We are living in the age of automation. An ever-expanding set of processes can benefit from automated platforms which save time and improve efficiency. And marketing is certainly no exception.

In this blog, we look at some of the biggest marketing technology advances in recent years, and also single out some processes which currently can’t be automated, but could be in the future. Read on!

Content scheduling

Content has been king for a few years in marketing, especially when it comes to digital mediums. Content distribution naturally plays its part, as brands aim to spread their content far and wide, but to the right target audience. A host of new tools allow content distribution – from blogs to newsletters and product information – to be automated. This saves time for marketers by allowing emails or social media posts to be scheduled well in advance.

A/B testing

Some of the best marketing campaigns can be the most meticulous. Quite often it is the little tweaks which we make to a strategy which can make all the difference, and that is where A/B testing comes in, allowing you to compare anything from call to actions to ad campaigns, in order to identify the right formula. Thankfully, there are many automation tools which can help in this regard, allowing you to optimise your marketing easily.

Customer relationship management

Arguably, this strand of sales and marketing has taken the most strides in automation over the past few years. If a particular customer engagement has occurred, it is now possible to automate particular responses, taking the ‘legwork’ away for many marketers. Another advantage of automating these processes is that everything is tracked, and can be easily analysed.

Leave it alone?

There are some tasks which are currently not typically automated, but maybe this is for the best? Take the creation of quality content, for example. Sure, there are machines which are able to reproduce content based on existing text, but it seems likely that machine written copy will not possess the same originality or ability to engage. Face to face interactions – such as marketing opportunities at conferences or exhibitions – are also hard to replicate.

We are currently in a good place when it comes to marketing automation. Many of the marketing tasks which could prove to be a time drain can now be taken care of more easily with an automation tool, leaving us humans to do what we do best.

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